Sacred Songs and Solos by Bez Out Now

 Bez's new album has seven tracks that features Lydia Idakula-Sobogun, Johnny Drille, Kaestrings and Remii. On his IG page he said, “This record is a new direction, exploring and expressing my growing relationship with God, it’s been an amazing journey of really releasing and creating from a place of complete inspiration.His favourite track, Loving No One Else has a video where he performs live on stage with his guitar in typical Bez style.

He wasn’t shy as to why this track was his favourite. I’ve been releasing music for a decade but this feels really different, maybe because I have chosen to live life from a place of complete surrender to God, and that’s what this song is all about, focused completely on the Father that only his will matters and nothing else.

My favourite song on the other hand (at first listen mind you!) is How Great Thou Art and features Johnny Drille. It got me moving and letting the lyrics seep in as I bopped my heed. The entire album has a mellow feel and invokes nostalgia of old greats of the jazz and blues era.  Give it a listen and see for yourself, leave a comment whether or not you agree.

The singer further revealed, “This is my most honest project, raw and very powerful. I have only one ask, allow the music hit you and SHARE as much as possible, let’s get these sounds out to the world like a flood, and it starts from us SHARING.

Bez’s fans can look forward to the stories behind the songs and how the entire project came together because he has promised to share in the days ahead. One such nugget is that he was in Jos and worked with Jeremiah Gyang and other notable music producers on the album. I for one can’t wait to hear the stories because I love BTS and the creative process!

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