New Song In Your Courts by David Nkennor (ft Dera Richard)

 In Your Courts is the newest release from David Nkennor. This worship single is described as a song of worship and consecration. It succinctly captures the heart and words of the Psalmist in Psalm 84:10 about his desire for the presence of God. the Psalmist said, “For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand.”

The author of The Music Code of God added this song to a growing list of others like Take the Praise, You Are Good, All I am, Oh My God, Blessings and Honour etc., to his credit. The live recording took place at The Exalted One concert held at the Four Points by Sheraton in Lagos.  

Some of the lyrics are as follows:

I’ve found a home,

I’ve found a place

And I’ve discovered a resting place

Oh, how my soul is satisfied

Right here, in Your courts oh Lord


Verse 2

Here on this Altar I have found rest

And like a sparrow, I have found a nest

Oh what a joy it is to dwell

Right here, in Your courts oh Lord



May this Altar be our dwelling

Fill our hunger and our thirsting

We receive Your grace and glory

Standing right here in Your courts oh Lord


Click on the link and use this beautiful song in your private worship and fellowship. Spread the joy and share far and wide!




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