Florist Ends Court Case with Same-Sex Couple after Refusal to Render Service

                 (Stutzman: Image: ADF)

A U.S. Christian florist, Barronelle Stutzman, has said that she would settle her legal battle with same-sex couple which lasted for almost a decade. Stutzman was sued by the couple for insisting she would not render her services for their wedding.

According to the florist, rendering her services to the couple goes against her Christian belief and she added that she was exercising her First Amendment rights.

In a video released last week by attorneys with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), Stutzman said that she is now at peace as the issue is now over.

"This week, I have put to rest the last legal considerations for a decision my husband, Darold, and I made nearly a decade ago. It's hard to believe that so many years have passed since my dear friend Rob came into my flower shop and asked me to do something I'd done many times before: design a unique, personalized arrangement of flowers to celebrate a special event in his life. 

‘’I had always been delighted with those creative opportunities, just as I'd always been happy to sell him bouquets of flowers. But this time, the special event he was celebrating was his marriage to another man. And that was a line I could not cross, even for friendship," Stutzman said.

She continued. "I am a Christian, and I believe the Bible to be the Word of God. That Word makes it clear that God loves all people so much that He sent His Son to die in their place. And it also teaches that He designed marriage to be only the union of one man and one woman. I could not take the artistic talents God Himself gave me and use them to contradict and dishonor His Word."

The 77-year-old florist noted that she is retiring and it is the moment for her to end the case so that the court can forge ahead with other cases.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) received an agreement from ADF attorneys stating that if the couple will not pursue further legal action, Stutzman would withdraw her petition from the Supreme Court. Also, she will pay them $5,000.

"I've never had to compromise my conscience, or go against my faith. I've met so many, many kind and wonderful people, who've generously offered me their prayers and encouragement and support. And I've been blessed with outstanding attorneys through Alliance Defending Freedom who've given me not only their legal skills, but their thoughtful friendship.

"Most of all, I'm thankful that God's love has sustained me through all of the trials and challenges of these last few years. There is a great deal of division at work in our country today, but God has shown me again and again that His love is stronger than the anger and the pain so many are feeling. And He's given me countless opportunities to share His love with others along the way," Stutzman said in the video.

Meanwhile, ADF Attorney, Kristen Waggoner, made a post on Twitter concerning the issue. The tweet read, ‘’It's a sad day when the government and the ACLU can bully an artist for nearly ten years for living out her faith." 

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