Dunsin Oyekan's Latest Song - One on One

On Sunday Dunsin Oyekan announced the release of his latest song on his IG page, as it went live on YouTube. He also shared, “You know the Lord said to me when He gave me this sound that the stream of revival of the 1930s revival is going to flow again causing unusual miracles and birthing the supernatural all across the world!”

The description for this upbeat song with a lively video showing worshippers enthusiastically dancing, singing and enjoying the experience on YouTube gives a glimpse of what to expect.

THIS IS NOT A SONG! It's a Stream of Revival flowing and birthing Miracles!!! It’s amazing to know that we have a father who relates to us one on one because as faces are different so our needs are. One on One is a love song to an incredible Father. It is also an invitation to you to rest deeply and confidently in His love for you. Our God is not only relational, He is personal. He is a Father whose love is so tailored to each of His children that He knows the number of hairs on each of our heads. Imagine how much more He knows about each of us, how much more He loves us all One on One. With assurance, let us worship Yah, of whom Psalm 145:16 says, "You open Your hand And satisfy the desire of every living thing."

Some of the easy-to-remember lyrics are as follows:

Though we are many, yet You’re engaging us one on one

Though we are many Your hand is touching us one on one

Though we are many You’re engaging us one on one

Though we are many Your hand is ouching us one on one

As faces are different

So our needs are

We have a father who’s capable of reaching us

One on one

He’s reaching you

Touching you

Different needs

Meeting them

This song will encourage you to dance, sing, laugh and of course worship! One on One is likely to stay in the top five of playlists as 2021 winds down. Do share and invite others into the worship of the Father. Out on digital platforms everywhere,

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