Christian Students in Egypt Beaten for Wearing Jewelry Bearing a Cross

      (Image: The Christian Post)

The headmaster of an elementary and middle school in Egypt’s Minya Governorate has commanded all Christian students in the school to remove any jewelry bearing a cross. Those who refused to obey this command were beaten by their teachers and fellow students. International Christian Concern, a U.S.-based persecution watchdog reports.

According to the group, this incident happened in early November. Victims of this attack had to report to their parents who made complaints to relevant authorities. However, ICC said it is not certain if the education board took any measures.

“The role of the teachers and administrative leaders in the incident is particularly concerning regarding the rhetoric being taught to the youth as it was the adults who led the persecution against the Christian children,” ICC said.

Christian persecution watchdog group, Open Doors USA, stated that Egypt is one of the 20 worst persecutors of Christians in the world. There have been previously reported cases of Christian persecution in the past.

The Minya Governate is known with the highest number of attacks on Christians, it adds. The Christian community has been spoken about positively by Egypt’s government. But there have not been serious laws to protect them from attack by extremists.

Open Doors USA wrote, “Due to the dictatorial nature of the regime, neither church leaders nor other Christians are in a position to speak out against these practices. The difficulties come both from state restrictions, as well as from communal hostility and mob violence.”

This has also made it difficult for Churches and Christian non-governmental organizations to build new churches or run social services.

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