Superman Enters Romantic Relationship with Male Friend

The new Superman going into a gay relationship has elicited many strong reactions from people of faith. Diverse views such as, raising children to understand healthy heterosexual relationships, and a call to develop content that represents Christian values and beliefs are just some that have set social media agog!

The IG page of @thegiftsource had this to say. “Have you shown your kids what beautiful heterosexual love looks like, so they yearn for it and not wish to get away from it? Have you had conversations with your kids about sexuality and differing sexual orientations and what your faith says about them? Have you told them that there is a world outside of what they know and they must be prepared for it without compromising who they are? Have you spoken to your kids? And have you listened to what they have to say?

Dr Tochukwu Macfoy is a content expert and culture influencer that had a different bent on the conversation. On his IG page @drfoy he begins with, “You didn't create Superman, so don't complain about what they are doing with Superman. Didn't we all agree that Jesus was our Superman in Sunday school, so why are we complaining. It is not your Superman, leave Superman alone.”

Courtesy DC Comics

Laju Iren is a filmmaker and content creator in the industry and these are some of her thoughts as shared on her IG page, @lajuiren. Don’t watch it. Push clean content. Support by paying to watch them in cinemas and giving to such projects. Create platforms to host content you want and that show your values. Create, tell stories you want to see and you want your children to consume.

So the time to act is fast spent and now more than ever we need to GO and do what we must so that faith is included in the content creation deluge. After all, inclusive is about representation and we should make sure faith is represented too! Like Laju Iren said, “Outrage is not enough, actions must follow.”


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