Prophet Tomi Arayomi Gives Nigeria Independence Day Prophecy

Nigeria celebrated its 61st birthday on Friday. A lot will say there was no cause for jubilation with the steadily rising costs and economic down turn the nation is currently faced with. Furthermore, there are those that will say God has failed us despite the religious toga we’ve come to be associated with. According to Tomi Arayomi, “The Lord loves Nigeria and has hope for it.” This modern-day prophet once again gave detailed words for Nigeria and its citizens to hold to in the days ahead.

As he began the broadcast, he prayed for those watching that God would turn them into watchmen and intercessors that partner with the Holy Spirit to see the change that the nation has need of. “So, some of the things I’m going to say are going to be conditional and some are going to be sovereign. Some of them I believe God is going to raise up some of you as faithful stewards not just to watch for the word but to war for the word! Remember Nigeria we don’t wait for prophecy we war for prophecy.”

Arayomi reminded everyone that his words weren’t just positive words, rather they were prophetic and are meant to be weaponized. According to him the prophetic is given so that by them you might wage a good warfare.  In 1 Timothy 1:18 Paul tells his son Timothy, “This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare.”  (NKJV).

Some excerpts from this twenty something minutes broadcast are as follows. “I am sending your outsiders, do not settle for your well-trained insiders. Do not listen to those who say to you I cannot call elections. For did I not declare in word that the horse is drawn in the day of battle but its victory comes from the Lord. I have always given you grace Nigeria to pull down, to tear down and to overthrow. But now I want to release the grace to build and to plant. There is an announcement over you by heaven, Nigeria the guard has changed!”

To watch and get the entirety of all that was said, click on the video.


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