Lauren Daigle Encourages Christians to Seek God’s Courage in Hard Times

                                (Lauren Daigle)

Award-winning gospel artist, Lauren Daigle, has encouraged Christians to ask God for courage whenever they are going through tough times. The 30-year-old singer recalled that when she was being bullied in school, she asked God for a backbone. 

While speaking with the Christian Post, Daigle said, “I was like, God,’ I want a backbone of boldness. Give me some sort of boldness to where I can stand up for people who need to be stood up for, and where even when my peers are persecuting me, I can still make a stand.’

“And if you ask God for that courage, He will give it to you. He will give you boldness; He will give you courage,” she said.

She said that it is the courage that helps her to stand firm whenever she is facing pressures. As a young Christian, she had to seek God’s word for support reading through the scriptures, one of which was Matthew 5:10.

“It's what always comes to mind. I know that it's difficult. Just know you're not the only one doing it. It will feel like, in the moment, that you're the only one making a stand. But you're not the only one making a stand. There are others around you. And we've got your back.

“I know that not everybody wants to be told about God. But I have found that people do love to hear that God is love, and He is kind and He is patient with us. And anytime that people understand God is gentle — He's not always this angry man — their guard is let down. So it's a way to share the Gospel. It's a way to tell others about Christ.

 “I think if the Christian music industry ... understands that we have this thing that will reign true for all hearts of men, for every single person, we have an answer for hopeless times, we have the hope of the world. So if we can tap into that in our writing and our lyricism and in our melodies, then we'll have a song that the world can cling to,’’ she said.

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