Kirk Franklin Speaks on the Need for People to Experience Occasional Pain


Grammy-Award winning gospel artist, Kirk Franklin, has spoken about the misconception many persons have about the purpose of God in our lives. There are people who feel that God exists to make us happy. However, the 51-year-old singer stated that it is okay to have pains in our lives occasionally.

Franklin made this statement in the period his song ‘’Lean on Me’’ which was originally released in 1998 was re-released on September 24, 2021. The re-release was done with Compassion International.

While speaking with The Christian Post, Franklin said that some persons find joy from their creator. Nevertheless, "being broken is not a bad thing [because] even in the darkest times, God, in His sovereignty, can be doing His greatest Work."

"We have this misconception that God is trying to make us happy. God is not trying to make us happy. God is trying to make us His. And so whatever process comes from that. Once again, I know that sounds foolish to the world. It sounds foolish to humanism. And our natural intelligence doesn't have the capacity to access and program the spiritual. And again, things of the spiritual a lot of times have been abused and manipulated," he continued.

"Breaking is not all bad. I know that it may seem kind of intuitive to Western culture because, in America, we pride ourselves on being strong and not easily broken. But gold doesn't become pure until it's taken through the fire. Ask God, 'What are you doing with this? Are you using this?' Because sometimes, you're in a situation that doesn't seem to be getting better. Maybe it's because God may not want it to get better," he added.

The new release of ‘’Lean on Me’’ is called the "Worldwide Mix." Its video featured The Compassion Youth Choir with about 120 singers. While speaking on the new project, Franklin said, "It's a great honor to work with Compassion and to be part of their global reach, especially during this climate, during this time.’’

 He continued: "It is really overwhelming to be able to pull out a song that's over two decades [old] and see it be able to have an impact and to be able to remind each other of the bigger message, that we're the hands and feet of God, and in very tangible ways."

"I'm very grateful to have an opportunity to just speak to the realities … of real-time situations that are affecting and impacting people today," Franklin concluded.

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