‘’God is Good,’’ Manny Pacquiao says as He Ends His 26-Year Boxing Career


Philippines boxer, Manny Pacquiao, has announced his retirement from the sport on Tuesday. The 42-year-old appreciated God who made it possible for him to have a career in the sport for 26 years.

In 1995, Pacquiao, became a pro-boxer. Among his achievements include being the only boxer to hold 12 world titles in four separate decades. Likewise, he is the oldest to win a world title and the only fighter in history to win titles in eight division weight classes. Throughout his 26 years boxing career, he had 72 fights, won 62, drew 2, and lost 8.

While announcing his retirement in a video, Pacquiao said, "God is good all the time. I give all glory to God. I always believe that in God, all things are possible. Without Him, I am nothing. He is the one who gave me the ability to train and accomplish all those things. The Lord gave me overflowing [of] blessings."

In addition, he appreciated his family for their unconditional love. He also thanked others who guided him in the period of his career including the media, his former promoter, training team, and his supporters.

"For everyone on team Pacquiao, thank you for sticking with me through the years. For boxing fans all over the world, thank you very much. I deeply appreciate your love and support. Thank you for always praying for me and watching my fights through the years. You're one of my inspirations to keep focus and stand firm in the faith. Goodbye boxing. As I hang up my boxing gloves, I would like to thank the whole world for supporting me," he said.

He added that it was not an easy decision for him to retire. There were some challenges because it was difficult to accept that the end to his career has come. Also, he said that he got a lot of opportunities that ordinarily he would not have gotten if he was not a boxer.

Pacquiao, who is also a notable philanthropist, said that boxing was all he needed to liberate his family from poverty. Besides, he has been an inspiration and help to many lives. His impact speaks volume.

"I will never forget what I have done and accomplished in my life. I just heard the final bell. God is good all the time," he concluded.

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