For King & Country Release New Song - For God is With Us

The brother duo Luke and Joel Smallbone, known as For King & Country have released a single titled, For God is With Us. Fans were gushing and praising them on the new song. They were more than thrilled with the message of hope the brothers keep bringing in these trying times.

“Needed this message so badly this morning. My grandpa is dying and my mom is with him, so now I'm taking care of my family and it's a struggle since I'm in my senior year of high school. God is with us.” - Hannah Elizabeth

Jessica Webster, “SO ecstatic to see what the rest of this album will hold!! Had chills throughout the whole video. Thank you, guys, for a beautiful message of hope so dearly needed during this time! The beat, rhythm and cadence of the song flowed amazingly!”

“This is a beautiful song. They keep coming out with so many uplifting songs. Their songs have helped me through a lot. Love you guys. God bless.” - Nickolas Krieg

“This song is really encouraging, pointing to the glorious future prepared by God for His children. God bless you and may He grant you more of His grace and wisdom to create more songs to give Him glory and to bless others.” - Roopa Susan

Here are some of the lyrics that have elicited such a strong reaction from their audience.

Dare to imagine

Dare to believe in

A true love that gave us

A brand-new beginning

 No room for a king

No celebration and no ceremony

In that little town

No, nobody would think

This is the story of the coming glory

 Can you hear the prayers the people prayed?

Can you see the skies begin to break?

When Heaven and Earth were face-to-face

Oh, how the world forever changed

 For God is with us God is with us

All in a moment All in an instant

The body was broken

And it was finished

So let us begin

The celebration and the ceremony

You’ll be interested to know that the video that went into the filming for the song was recorded in 40 locations across the United States. The poignant message at the end of the song was…wherever you’ve been. Wherever you are. Wherever you’re going. Take heart, for God is with us.

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