Dr. Olukoya Wins as UK Court Awards Damages against Badejo

                                     (Dr. Olukoya)

On October 22, the High Court of Justice in London gave its final verdict on the case involving the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) Worldwide, Dr. D. K. Olukoya and a United Kingdom based Nigerian blogger, Maureen Badejo. 

The ruling was in favor of the preacher as the blogger was asked to pay him and his wife a six-figure sum as damages immediately.

Badejo is the founder of the online platform GIO Tv which concentrated on maligning and creating false information against the MFM Ministries, its General Overseer, his wife, their son, and the senior pastors of the church.

A statement signed by Dan Aibangbe on behalf of MFM Ministries read, “As at the last count, 22 specific accusations have been collated for appropriate response. The accusations range from civil to criminal matters, which ordinarily should have been tabled before specific regulatory authorities by the accusers, if the intention was noble indeed. However, she has chosen the social media platform, where the audiences are mostly gullible and people can practically get away with character assassination, if not challenged.” Aibangbe said.

The court noted that Badejo was consistent in her quest to damage the image of the Olukoyas and the church. It is paramount to note that the preacher did not know her before she started her maligning campaign against him.

The court admitted that Badejo’s action was a dent on the professional integrity of the Olukoyas and their reputation. Besides, she has not agreed to apologize for her actions.

The Guardian reported that the court asked Badejo to publish a summary of its judgment across nine of her social media channels for a period of 10 days as a corrective measure to ensure the judgment reached all her viewers.

According to Aibangbe, the lawyers of Olukoya have sent a written letter to Badejo demanding payment of damages as ordered by the court which is due to their client.

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