Catholic Seminary in Kaduna State Attacked by Gunmen; Students Kidnapped

On Monday night, gunmen stormed the Saint Albert the Great Institute of Philosophy, a Catholic church-owned seminary in Fayit community in Kagoma Chiefdom of Jama’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

According to reports, the gunmen gained entrance into the school and started raining bullets everywhere. This created fear among the students and staff of the school 

The incident has been confirmed by the Kaduna State Police Command, Mohammed Jalige. He added that three students were abducted by the gunmen, while some others sustained injuries.

The gunmen were reported to have taken the students to an unknown destination before the local vigilantes arrived. However, the local vigilantes prevented the gunmen from taking hostage of more students.

Jalinge noted that a joint team of police tactical and anti-kidnapping squad of the command has begun a manhunt of the gunmen. Arrests are expected to be made soon while there are hopes of rescuing the victims.

Yanshi Stephen Bawa said, ‘’May God save the people of southern Kaduna and the country at large.’’

Ola Manasseh commented, ‘’Attack on Christians everyday in the north and Buhari is doing nothing. This is barbaric.’’

Frank Ik Onah posted, ‘’Mailafiya’s revelation and ABU VC testament are on course. It is difficult to keep hearing what is happening in Nigeria and remain healthy. We have all been emotionally, psychologically traumatized, dehumanized and battered by the Nigerian state. In as much as I am not doubting God’s ability to intervene, it is really tough now to make genuine and concentrated prayers.’’

Alexander Nwaolulu said, "When Christians complain of these attacks being directed at them, the sympathizers of these evil doers will come after them. Does the happenings not show that Christians are mostly affected by these deliberate attacks? It’s obvious that Christians are their targets. It can’t always be a coincidence. Some persons would want to cite the abduction of the students of Islamiah school. But I can’t be deceived by that.’’

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