17 Missionaries Kidnapped by Gang Members in Haiti

                                 (Haiti flag)

Seventeen missionaries from Canada and the United States have been kidnapped in Haiti. Christian Aid Ministries revealed that the missionaries, some of which are minors, were kidnapped on Saturday.

On Sunday, the Ohio-based organization released a statement which read in part,  "The group of sixteen US citizens and one Canadian citizen includes five men, seven women, and five children. We are seeking God's direction for a resolution, and authorities are seeking ways to help," they said.

Security forces in Hiati stated that they have started investigation into the case. They added that local gang members are responsible for the kidnap of the missionaries.

CNN reported that Haitian officials are keeping the U.S. State Department posted of any development.

Christian Aid Ministry’s former director in Haiti, Dan Hooley, informed CNN on Sunday that he believes all the kidnapped missionaries are in one vehicle. He added that the victims contacted the local director of the organization before they were taken into the vehicle.

"A couple of fellows right away messaged the director and told him what was going on. And one of them was able to drop a pin, and that's the last thing [the organization] heard until the kidnappers contacted them later in the day,’’ Hooley said.

A spokesperson for the US State Department confirmed the incident and affirmed that "the welfare and safety of US citizens abroad is one of the highest priorities of the Department of State." 

Efforts have begun to secure the release of the victims but a senior U.S. official stated that they are not certain of the present address of the kidnapped missionaries.

A spokeswoman for Global Affairs Canada said that the country is making plans with local authorities to secure the release of those kidnapped.

There has been a rise in the kidnapping rate in Haiti since this year. Hooley said that members of the Christian Aid Ministries community in Haiti would have been aware of the risk involved.

"These are very dedicated people, people that have risked their lives, they knew the dangers that they were in, or at least were aware of what could happen, I'm sure," he said.

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  1. you posted the wrong flag... that is not the flag of Haiti.... it's the flag of the Philippines

    1. It has been corrected. Thanks for the notification.


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