‘’Watch me but look up to God,’’ Denzel Washington says

Academy Award-winning actor, Denzel Washington, has admonished his fans to look up to God even as they watch him on the screen. He made this statement at the "The Better Man Event" hosted by First Baptist Orlando in Florida which was monitored by The Christian Post.

Washington stated that he is determined to serve, provide, and help on earth. He added that every time he prays, God tells him to feed His sheep. According to the ‘’Fences’’ actor, there are various kinds of sheep. Hence, he talks to shepherds that are experienced to guide him.

Although he plays redemptive roles on screen, he said that he has his battles as he decides to live a godly life. In his words,

"What I played in the movies is not who I am, it's what I played. I'm not going to sit or stand on any pedestal and tell you about what I had in mind for you or your soul. Because the fact of the matter is, in the whole 40-year process, I was struggling for my own soul.

"It [the Bible] says in the last days we'll become lovers of ourselves. The number one photograph now is a selfie. So we all want to lead. We're willing to do anything — ladies and young men — to be influential. 

‘’Fame is a monster and we all have these ladders and battles, roads we have to walk in our given lives. Be you famous or whoever's out there listening, we all have our individual challenges. It's cliché but money, don't make it better. It doesn't. Fame just magnifies the problems and the opportunities,” Washington continued. 

"Stay on your knees. Watch me, but listen to God. I hope that the words in my mouth and the meditation of my heart are pleasing in God's sight, but I'm human. I'm just like you. What I have will not keep me on this Earth for one more day. Share what you know, inspire who you can, seek advice. If you want to talk to one someone, talk to the one that can do something about it. Constantly develop those habits,’’ he added.
Washington concluded by saying that although he is financially comfortable and has fame, he still has room for learning.

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