The Outpouring - First Volunteer Meeting

 Dunsin Oyekan’s The Outpouring, had its first volunteer meeting over the weekend. RCCG Goshen parish hosted the vision casting session. You will recall that once he made the announcement about the event, he solicited that everyone should start praying towards the Lekki outreach. Furthermore, he also said that volunteers would be needed and people should get ready.

On the IG @theoutpouringlive page this was the summary of the first meeting. “What a glorious time we had today with our co-labourers. Thank you all for coming. We had more than a full house, indeed, God is up to something. The Lord gave the word, great was the company today. See you in two weeks. Stay on fire!”

There were people outside Lagos that indicated they’d like to volunteer and they were assured of a place in the scheme of things as e-volunteers. Once an individual chooses a department, they’re added to a WhatsApp group. This is where the briefing and action plans are shared. A confession was also shared which all volunteers have been encouraged to repeat as often as possible over the course of the day, especially during the watches agreed by all.

The November 7 revival is well on the way to being a reality and the turn out of those ready, willing and able to make it so is a testament to this vision. If you haven’t put it in your calendar…I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

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