‘’Show Me The Father’’ gets Rare A+ Cinema Score, Opens in Top 10

Recently released faith-based movie by Alex and Stephen Kendrick, Show Me the Father, has made it to the Top 10 at the box office. It also earned an A+ Cinema Score grade from its viewers. This will make it the fourth movie produced by the Kendrick Brothers that will achieve a perfect score.

Cinema Score is an exit polling service that requires movie watchers to grade a film. The movie got an A+ grade which is a perfect score. The production company of the faith-based movie, Affirm Films, stated that only about two movies per year averagely earns such a grade.
‘’Show Me the Father’’ explains the fatherly nature of God. It also takes us on a journey of different fathers who worked with biblical examples to carry out their fatherly duties.

The movie was directed by Rick Altizer. The previous works of the Kendrick Brothers include Courageous (2011), War Room (2015), and Overcomer (2019).  They were produced by Kendrick Brothers Productions and they all earned A+ grades too.

While commenting on the antecedents of the filmmakers, the executive vice president of Affirms Films, Rich Peluso, said, "Alex and Stephen Kendrick understand how to connect to the heart of a viewer, and that's one of the reasons they have been so successful."

Stephen Kendrick affirmed that the aim of the movie was to ‘’be deeply impactful and for people to walk away emotionally full and spiritually blessed."

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