Debbie Olutimehin (The Mayoress) releases new song Kasa Madupe

Debbie Olutimehin (a.k.a. Mayoress Debby) has released her single Kasa Madupe (Let’s Give Thanks). This worship minister adds yet another song to a growing collection that includes Wonderful Name, I Belong to You and Yaagbo Yaaju to name a few.

This new single encourages everyone to give thanks and have gratitude as part and parcel of the weapons in their arsenal. The Mayoress mixes English with the Yoruba language and joyfully encourages everyone in the way of thanksgiving.

The soft keyboards accompanying the singer invites listeners to tap, nod their head and sway or dance as moved. The chorus is catchy and easy to remember.

Ejeka dupe

Ejeka dupe ore Jesu se

Ejeka dupe

Ejeka dupe ore

Emi maa dupe

This uplifting number from Debbie will no doubt find many listening to it over and over as it continues to gain traction.



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