"Churches should make DNA tests compulsory before child dedication" -Deji Adeyanju

Human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju, has advised that churches should demand that couples carry out a DNA test before having a child dedication ceremony. He added that DNA should be promoted as a national policy. He made these declarations on his social media page.

He tweeted, “Abegiii my correct brother. DNA is a must. Let us promote it as national policy. Churches should make it mandatory for child dedication.”

In the past days, OAP and comedian Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, (popularly known as Nedu Wazobia) and his ex-wife Uzoma Ohiri have been in the news. Results of the DNA test of their first child showed that Nedu was not the father of the child. This caused an uproar on social media following allegations that Ohiri was unfaithful in the marriage.

Consequently, she took to social media to accuse Nedu of domestic violence. The OAP has since denied the allegation. Nedu also emphasized on not being the biological father of their first son.

His post read in part, “Our marriage was one plagued with a lot of issues. One of which was continuous infidelity from her side that led to me conducting a paternity test on our kids which led to the revelation that our first son is not my biological son even though he was born within the period during which we were married.”

Many persons have reacted to the trending news. While some persons complained about how expensive DNA test is, others said some men will fall into depression once they see the results of the test.

Reactions to Adeyanju's tweet:
Oluwatosin Ogunniyi said, ''This is misplacement of priority. The church has no business in paternity detection. Issues of infidelity should be handled by the adults involved in the union. Those who are sponsoring this bill will soon accuse the church of breaking homes and relationships."

Chucks Barth Adawai commented, ''Well, Nigeria can do better by making it easy for the poor masses. Subsidize the fare so that the issue of one training another man's child will stop. We might not understand how this issue caused problem here and there."

Adebiyi Ogundeyi Idaofin posted, "How about mosque dedication? The best is to make it mandatory once a child is born at a subsidized rate. The result should then be incorporated into the national population commission birth certificate."

Ifeanyi Peter said, "Hospitals should make DNA tests mandatory before the discharge of the new mother and her baby. Aside paternity fraud, baby swapping is still rife in Nigeria."

Iyke Chyke commented, ''Who will pay for the test? Most families cannot afford the high cost of DNA test. Apart from the high cost of the test, the corrupt actions of some hospitals, where babies are swapped, is another major cause of problem in most families. Family members should be allowed to be with their pregnant members before and after delivery."

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