New Music Teaser: O DÉ by George Ade-Alao featuring Bukola Bekes, Tobi Walker & Uwana Etuk

On the 1st August, George Ade-Alao (@biggorgy) released a teaser of the upcoming track O DÉ (translated He has arrived) on his Instagram page. This song is from the live spontaneous worship sessions he’s been hosting over the past few months.

According to him, “O DÉ is the first original sound from the session that I am sharing and the full track will be available on different platforms this month. This is a teaser of what is to come literally!!!
Happy New Month! Watch out!! Stay blessed!!!”

O DÉ features Bukola Bekes, Tobi Walker and Uwana Etuk to name a few. The chanting and beat heard in the teaser trailer gives a glimpse of the powerful song and sound that will be sprinkled throughout the track.

Hosting His Presence with George (HHPG) has been releasing these life changing songs to bless others, and will continue to do so in the days ahead. George is a worshipper, music producer and director that has accompanied Nathaniel Bassey, Ty Bello, David Nkennor and more in various concerts and he has also featured in and produced several albums over the years.


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