Mount Zion Faith Ministries Mark 36th Anniversary

Mount Zion Faith Ministries is marking its 36th anniversary today. The Christian drama ministry was established on August 5, 1985. Also, Mount Zion Radio, an offshoot of the company is celebrating its one year anniversary today. A day earlier, the company celebrated the 28th anniversary of Agbara Nla, one of its old movies produced in its formative years.

While commenting on Agbara Nla’s 28th anniversary, the president of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye said, ‘’1993 was 28 years ago when this Television Drama made waves in the TV channels of the entire Southern Part of Nigeria. Agbara-Nla (Ultimate Power)."

‘’If you were in Primary one then, you must be a full grown married man now. We thank the Lord, you are still alive and you shall be alive to celebrate the 30th(2023) and 40th Anniversary of ‘’The Ultimate Power’’ if Jesus tarries in coming,’’ he added.

On the anniversary of Mount Zion Radio, Pastor Tunde Rahmon said, ‘’Mount Zion Radio is 1. Glory to God for the fulfillment of His work. I remember this prophecy for the establishment of Mount Zion Radio was made in 2001 at Habitation of Faith, Ile Ife during the Drama Ministers Prayer conference through Daddy Mike Bamiloye, I wrote it down that day.’’

Bamiloye also made a post on his Facebook page to celebrate the 36th anniversary of Mount Zion Faith Ministries. He said, ‘’Today, 36 years ago, our journey began in drama ministry. Ministers of God worldwide, who have stood in the gap for us in the place of prayers, thank you!’’ he began.

‘’Church of God that have interceded on our behalf, thank you! People of various places and tribes that have sustained us with financial provisions, thank you! Pastors and ministers that have helped us in various times of need, thank you!

‘’Mount Zion Institute Alumni Fellowship Nigeria that have supported us at various times, thank you! Ministry friends in many nations that have honored many Mount Zion families at various times, thank you!

‘’Thank you Jesus Christ for consistencies! Thank you father for sustenance, thank you Lord for new visions evolving! Last year when we turned 35 years in ministry, the Lord told us: Do you know what He said again? He said, ‘Kin le tii ri?’ meaning….? ‘what you have seen is yet small compared to what I would still do!’ And between last year and now, we have seen his greatness. We are moving forward. We are marching on in the power of the Holy Ghost. Thank you all! Thank you Jesus! #mikebamiloye,’’ he concluded.

So far, the prolific Christian filmmaker has received congratulatory messages. His family, friends, and fans have wished him many more years of exploits as he continues his journey of excellence with Mount Zion Films.

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  1. Congratulations to the Mount Zion ministry on their 36th year anniversary


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