IBK Spaceshipboi Debuts GoodNewsMondays on IGTV

 IBK Spaceshipboi (Emuwaon Ikukun) is a music producer that specializes in multiple genre music production for film, commercials and artistes. He’s also a recording/performing artist and the CEO of the Martianship Music Company.

GoodNewsMonday is a new show he recently launched on Instagram. On his IG page @spaceshipboi he shared on the project. So excited God has given me the capacity to create what he laid in my heart for years.” This show is in video format and has Spaceshipboi share his faith and aspects of it.

GoodNewsMondays debuted on July 26 2021 and has aired three episodes so far. Episode one was titled Salvation, two Kingdom and three Love. Each video is a maximum of 2minutes with the longest at 2:47.

The first episode opened with IBK openly admitting, “One of the main reasons I got a professional camera, started this journey to becoming a cinematographer is this. For the longest time I’ve always wanted to share quality content where I share the knowledge of the good news of the kingdom of heaven.”

We look forward to the evolution of GNM in the days and months ahead. One thing we know is that it can only get more interesting as IBK unleashes his creativity and takes us on a ride with the Good News!

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