Nigerian Methodist Church dissociates self from British Methodist's church approval of same-sex marriage

 Prelate of the Methodist Church Nigeria, His Eminence Dr Samuel Chukwuemeka Kanu Uche, JP

The Methodist Church of Nigeria has dissociated itself from the British Methodist church's approval of same-sex marriage.  This announcement was made on Friday, in a statement issued by the Director, Media and Public Relations, Oladapo Daramola of the Methodist church in Nigeria.

The proposal to approve same-sex marriages was passed on Wednesday at the Methodist conference in a vote with 254 in favour to 46 against.

According to statement, “There’s a raging controversy now and people’s spirits are dampened over the decision of the British conference to legalise same-sex marriage. This is for the British church. The British Methodist Church is no longer the mother church of Methodist Church Nigeria. Methodist Church Nigeria became independent, autonomous in 1963. Therefore, any decision they take there is not binding on Methodist Church Nigeria.” 

“We’re not under their tutelage, and we’re not under their administration. We as Methodist church Nigeria condemn in totality anything same-sex relationships, gay marriage. It is unAfrican; it is even against the law passed by the national assembly of Nigeria which was duly signed. And even when they pressed the present president to reverse it, he said ‘no’. So, it is not practised by Africans," he added.

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“We believe in the sound doctrine as promogated by John Wesley. John Wesley believed in scriptural holiness, and evangelical faith. So, we believe in the holiness of God. God is holy and God said the man and the woman shall be one. God made them man and woman, not man and man to marry. We adopt in totality what the Bible says.

“What the British church has done does not in any way apply to Methodist Church Nigeria. I want Nigerians to understand this; there is no cause for alarm. Let them continue worshipping God in spirit and in truth. If anybody is discovered to be contemplating to practise same-sex relationship, that person will be excommunicated from the church. That is our stand.”

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