Nick Vujicic Co-Founds Pro-Life Bank to fight Abortion in the U.S


Author and founder of Life Without Limbs, Nick Vujicic, has created Pro-Life Bank, which is aimed at giving to support God’s kingdom. He said that its essence is not to make profit but for giving. The bank shall give “50% net profits to Judeo-Christian-aligned-nonprofit organizations to further the Kingdom of God,” he explained. 

This idea came to the preacher when he noticed that most banks in the United States encourage Planned Parenthood, a prominent abortion financer in the country. The 38-year-old father of four acknowledged that 90% of banks finance the killing of unborn children which he considers as ‘’God’s money.’’

On that note, he established Pro-Life Bank with Betsy Gray, the executive director of Network Medical Women’s Center, a primary care medical clinic in Santa Barbara. Gray is also his spiritual mother.

 “Just like Noah's saved lives, so we're going to save lives with Pro-Life Bank. It’s based on the understanding that God wants to take back His role and redistribute it through His faithful students,” he told The Christian Post.

The Dallas-based entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author said that he was intrigued when the thought of the pro-life bank was introduced to him by Gray. He asked for three months to pray over it with his wife. In this period, Vujicic said that he faced spiritual attacks.

“My world turned upside down. We had a grenade at our house; I had a false article published in a gay magazine that I fired someone from being gay. I had a lawsuit threat against me by somebody internationally. I had a spy drone above my house, and I got kicked out of a bank, all within a matter of 16 weeks after that prayer,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that this was proof that the idea was a great concern for the Lord.  He noted that the previous 20 years of his life has been dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to multitudes across the globe. More so, the next 20 years will used to share the gospel in places he can. Still, he would make a tangible impact.

The Australian-American was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder which causes the absence of all four limbs. Living with this disability makes him to have a distinctive perspective on matters such as adoption, abortion, and the foster care system.

He added that America has had 77 million abortions and this makes it 23% of its population. Consequently, he said that one of three Christians have performed an abortion. Hence, he is playing his part to ensure that he break the cages of the Church. For this reason he added that ‘’you cannot afford not to tell people that half the abortions in America are done by a Christian.” 

Likewise, the popular evangelist pleaded with Christians to keenly get involved in school boards, city councils, and other local political committees to lend their voices in bringing America back to God.

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