Answers in Genesis Ministry Set to Commission New 'Tower of Babel'


Answers in Genesis ministry have announced preparations for a new Tower of Babel attraction. This announcement was made during the fifth year anniversary of Ark Encounter; a site for families of faith, which was monitored by Christian Headlines.

On July 7, 2016, Ark Encounter was commissioned in Williamstown, Kentucky. It has drawn many visitors as it is a life-size imitation of Noah’s Ark and a museum.

Founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, said last week's attendance has bounced back from the pandemic and is “equal to our excellent 2019 numbers,” which was a record year.

The Ark Encounter is located near the ministry’s Creation Museum. The exhibition will feature a “40 days and nights of gospel music” from August 2 - September 10.  According to Ham, the fund needed to showcase the Tower of Babel shall be raised next year. He made this known on the website of the ministry.

The aim of the exhibition is to enable individuals understand what the Bible and genetics research say about how people’s group across the world originate. Likewise, he assured that it will be an eye-opening and captivating attraction.

According to the news release, the exhibition will also handle the issue of racism. Ham noted that Answers in Genesis will add a scale model in 2022 or 2023 “of what Jerusalem may have looked like at the time of Christ.” By summer 2022, there are plans to open a themed carousel for children.

Recently, Answers in Genesis included a $3 million virtual reality experience, Truth Traveler, to the Ark Encounter. The fund was provided by a supporter.

“It opened just in time for our reopening in June 2020. It’s outfitted with special-effects seats that move; people put on special VR headsets to enjoy an immersive experience as they travel back to the time of Noah. The experience is like having a ride,” Ham said.

New animals have also been added to The Ark Encounter Ararat Ridge Zoo, including sloths and lemurs. In 2021, children under 10 years also get free entrance to the Ark Encounter with one playing adult.

“I believe this summer will be our best season ever,” Ham said.

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