Pat Barrett Announces Worship Nights Tour

Songwriter and worship leader Pat Barrett has made public his headlining tour tagged, “Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly – Worship Nights Tour.” He also released a live EP titled Nothing / Something (Live). This tour, which is the second that the singer would hold in his career, is set to begin across 11 cities around the nation by September. 

The tour was named after Barrett’s latest studio project, Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly. It is produced by Transparent Productions and sponsored by Food for the Hungry.

While commenting on the upcoming event, Barrett said that he is very excited about it. He talked about people being isolated due to the pandemic and how everyone is prepared to come together in worship.

This tour is among the numerous tours he has participated in. Previously, he has joined Chris Tomlin for some amazing nights of worship in the past years. In his first headlining tour, Barrett made success of it as he covered areas like Chicago, San Antonio, and Pittsburg. His fans will be opportune to listen to him perform songs from his recent album and from previous works. 

Barrett is known for songs like “Build My Life,” “The Way (New Horizon),” and “Good Good Father.” Apart from Chris Tomlin, Barrett has worked with other artists like Mack Brock and Dante Bowe. The gifted songwriter admitted that he is happy to gather people to worship.

‘’I’ve had these songs in my heart for a long time, and I’m super amped to gather with people and sing, dance, laugh with one voice, one spirit, and of course have lots of fun doing it,” he concluded.

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