Franklin Graham Applauds Meghan McCain for Rebuking Biden’s Stand on Abortion


Renowned preacher, Franklin Graham, has applauded Meghan McCain who rebuked President Joe Biden for his support for abortion despite his membership in the Catholic Church which frowns at the act. According to McCain, Biden is doing a “grave spiritual harm to himself” and the country with his choice.

McCain is a co-host on ‘’The View’’, a daytime talk show. On the Monday episode of the show, the daughter of late Republican Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain, said that Biden must select between his position on abortion and his Catholic faith. The Christian Post monitored the show.

“If he is for the federal funding of abortion … as far as I’m concerned, abortion is murder. And as far as government funding of [the] killing of the unborn … we have to as pro-lifers, fight for the rights of the unborn. And that’s a doctrine that’s as old as the Catholic Church itself, so [Biden] has to choose,” she asserted in a debate with her co-hosts, all of whom are supportive of abortion.
                              (Meghan McCain)
McCain, who claims to be a pro-life, added that the argument does not go down well with her. It feels like she is personally against murder but she approves little murder. She affirmed that the narrative doesn’t suit her. Likewise, she said that Biden will have some explanations to give his Creator when it is time. She also asked him to reconcile his personal faith with his politics.

Graham, who is the president of Samaritan’s Purse, applauded McCain’s statements on a Facebook post he made on Tuesday. He said that he expects Biden to rethink his stand on abortion.

“I have disagreed with Meghan on a number of political issues, but I think she is absolutely right on this issue. I appreciate that Meghan isn’t afraid to state the truth — and that she is willing to defend life even if it isn’t politically correct to some,” Graham said. “I pray that President Biden will reconsider his position on abortion in this country,” Graham said in his post.
In addition to her comments on the talk show, McCain said that ‘’When it comes to the separation of Church and State, the onus is on the government, not the Church. The Church is always going to try and impede in every possible way they can and influence in every possible way they can. ‘’

She added that the spiritual journey of everyone is personal. Hence, she doesn’t impose her spirituality on others. However, being a staunch Catholic as Biden declares himself to be, he should uphold the law in the Church that says that abortion is a ‘’cardinal sin’’ that can cause deep spiritual harm to the offender.

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