Tebow Partners with Tennessee Gov. to Combat Human Trafficking


Former NFL player Tim Tebow is partnering with Tennessee governor Bill Lee in a multimillion-dollar deal to tackle human trafficking. This announcement was made on Thursday at the state Capitol. The U.S News reports that the sum of $1.2 million is set to be infused in the athlete’s foundation from the forthcoming state budget of Tennessee. 

The annual spending plan sits at $42 billion and more than $5million in total will go to Tebow’s foundation and other groups to fight human trafficking.

Her Song, a ministry within the Tim Tebow Foundation that is aimed at building safe homes in the state will get the funding including other organizations.

While responding to the partnership deal, Lee stated that he is hopeful that it will foster, indulge, and spur churches, nonprofits, organizations, and individuals to discover how they can participate in rescuing children and women in Tennessee.

In addition, Tebow talked about how the conversation on the issue started. He said that it began less than three months ago when he was introduced to the governor’s chief of staff, Blake Harris by country music star, Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline at Bryan's restaurant.


NFL Network reports that Tebow, a former Florida star and 2007 Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, is expected to sign a one-year contract to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end.

When asked if he would sign with the team, Tebow expressed surprise at the question. He said jokingly, "Shocking that that was brought up." However, he stated that it was not the focus of that day. In his words,

"Today is about every life that’s being trafficked in the state of Tennessee, around the country and around the world.”

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