Rev. Mahoney’s Request to Hold National Day of Prayer at the U.S. Capitol Building Denied


The request of the director of Christian Defense Coalition, Rev. Patrick Mahoney, to conduct the National Day of Prayer at the U.S Capitol has been denied. 

The riot that occurred at the U.S Capitol building where five persons lost their lives and one injured on January 6, has since caused the building to be closed from public use. This year’s National Day of Prayer is expected to hold on Thursday, May 6.

Charisma News reports that after his request was declined, Rev. Mahoney stated that free speech is under threat today. He also said in 70 years, this would be the first time that no witness would be present at the U.S. Capitol Building for the National Day of Prayer. 

Likewise, he said that he would make sure that Americans get back the ‘’People’s House’’ as an expression of their First Amendment Rights.

In addition, the cleric said that people should question how there is a prohibition of public prayer at the Capitol on the National Day of Prayer particularly when it is a national observance designated by Congress. 

The U.S Capitol Building is also known as the People’s House. The reverend stated that the People’s House should be available for all Americans to peacefully celebrate and express their First Amendment rights. However, reverse seems to be the case.

Nevertheless, he said that he will make that the people get what they truly deserve. It will be recalled that Mahoney’s request to hold Good Friday service at the People’s House was declined because the venue was under restriction due to the riot in January 6.

Since 1952, the National Day of Prayer proclamation has been signed by every U.S. President.

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