Prison Fellowship Distributes 100,000 Bibles to Prisoners Nationwide


Prison Fellowship, a Christian prison ministry centered on giving hope to the incarcerated has distributed 100,000 Bibles to prisoners nationwide. This is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The CEO of the Prison Fellowship, James Ackerman told the Christian Post in an interview that in the period of the pandemic, there was a feeling of hopelessness in the prisons. 

Also, he stated the demand for the Gospel was high in the prisons and this would be the first time they would be experiencing it since its 45 years in existence.

He noted that God placed it in the heart of people and spurred chaplains to spread the word of God. Consequently, he found it encouraging that people found great hope in God’s word.

For these demand, Prison Fellowship was able to share 100,000 copies of The Life Recovery Bible in nine months. Ackerman noted that “having a Bible that speaks to addiction recovery and needs was also a priority for us.’’ 

Likewise, he said that the Life Recovery Bible by Tyndale was the most suitable for what they were exploring. Hence, he noted that giving prisoners Bible affords them the chance to start life afresh with Jesus Christ.

The aim of the prison fellowship is for people who have had a long battle with addiction. In many situations, these addictions have led them into other unproductive things. However, Ackerman said that all hope is not lost as Jesus can still heal them from their addiction.

During the pandemic, a lot of correctional facilities were bothered that the pandemic would disturb prisoners. However, with the distribution of the Bibles, the Prison Fellowship president admitted that there was calmness among the inmates.

In his response, Ackerman said that The Life Recovery Bible has enabled prisoners to stay relaxed and boost the faith of those who already know Jesus. Meanwhile, it spurred non-believers “to really sit down and crack open that Bible and read it.”

Furthermore, he said that for God to enable them to supply 100,000 Bibles, it says a lot about God’s plans. He allowed people to make demands and He also makes provision to cover them up.

The Prison Fellowship started partnering with Tyndale since 2018. So far, they’ve been able to share 162,000 Bibles to prisoners, both male and female. Meanwhile, about 3 million copies of The Life Recovery Bible have been printed. It is available in large print, both in English and Spanish languages.

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