Israel Vs Palestine: Christian leaders calls for prayers amid continual violence


There are predictions that the Middle East shall experience the worst bloodshed in years due to the fight between Palestinians and Israelis. The fight has heightened to the extent that the United Nations cautions that the rocketing could transcend into a ‘’full scale war’’.

This prediction has necessitated the call for pastors and Christian leaders to pray for Israel and Hamas to settle peacefully. According to Christian Headlines, the clash started on Monday, May 10, when Islamic terror group Hamas fired hundreds of missiles at Jerusalem. This was after hundreds of rioters were wounded in conflict with Israeli police and Jewish religious observers on the Temple Mount.

However, Evangelist Franklin Graham has made a call for Christians to pray. He made a post on his Facebook page stating that he is aware that innocent people on both sides of the war will lose if it continues. In his words,

"I have many friends who live in Israel, both Arab and Jew. So, we are very concerned about the situation there. People have been killed, families are cowering in fear in bomb shelters, and they need our prayers. As we are commanded in the Scriptures, let us "pray for the peace of Jerusalem" (Psalm 122:6)."

Furthermore, Pastor Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, tweeted, "My heart goes out to the people impacted through the heightened Middle East conflict. Having recently visited that region, I'm reminded of the many wonderful people I met, and request us all to pray for those who are suffering."

Consequently, the pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas equally asked people to pray with him. He made this request on his Facebook page saying, "Pray with me. For protection of the innocent. For peace. For loved ones lost. For our leaders. In Jesus name. #PrayForIsrael."

According to NBC News, over 200 rockets were fired by Hamas militants into Israel affecting Jewish religious observers who were celebrating Jerusalem Day. The spokesman of the Israel Defense Forces described the attack as ‘’blatant and severe.’’ The attack also compelled the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset to stop its session and evacuate.

Reuters report that Israeli agriculture was greatly affected after it was hit by incendiary weapons shot from the Palestine enclave. In return, a military post and an underground infrastructure which belonged to Gaza’s Islamist rulers were targeted by the Israeli military.

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