COVID-19: Cases rise in India as Christian Aid Organizations donate relief materials


There has been an increasing rate of deaths caused by COVID-19 in India. As at Wednesday, the death toll got to 200,000 with new infections cited as one of the causes. 

Consequently, Associated Press reports that new cases of affected persons were recorded at 362, 757 with 3,293 death record daily. This necessitated Christian Aid Organisations to establish COVID-19 relief efforts in the country. 

With almost 1.4 billion people, India is the second-most populous nation in the world. States like Karnataka, Maharashtra and the nation’s capital, New Delhi are still on lockdown. 

Reportedly, there is a slow pace of vaccines distribution. The hospitals are also overwhelmed with the increasing cases. Hence, various Christian organizations have since stepped in to assist the nation.

Evangelical humanitarian aid organization, Samaritan's Purse is on ground to work with partners to encourage with relief materials and words of hope to the downtrodden. 

According a statement in its website, the Christian organization supported a hospital with medical supplies that were urgently needed. Also, it is working towards giving out food to about 1,000 families in need.

In addition, Evangelical aid organization World Vision is set to support India with medical supplies. The India branch of World Vision shall be distributing approximately $2.7 million NZD for beds and oxygen concentrators in 93 hospitals.

The head of World Vision India's Humanitarian Emergency Affairs department, Franklin Jones, stated that the condition in the country is aggravating. Besides, he said that for the situation to be kept under control, it will take a collective global effort. 

More so, the organization is working in hand with the government to see that communities that are at risk get the healthcare they desire. Consequently, efforts are being made to ensure that the vaccine gets to the people quickly and safely.

Even in its desire to lend a helping hand, India World Vision had also had its fair share of challenges. I00 staff of the Christian organization got infected with COVID-19. Presently, two of them have died.

Another charity organization who has become involved in solving India’s COVID-19 challenges is Gospel For Asia. It stated that hunger is a greater concern for the people than the virus.

According to Premier Christian News, the UK director of the charity organization, John-Paul Dao, stated that affected areas are placing their hope on churches in order to survive. For instance, a particular church is giving out 500 meals daily. Meanwhile, the community centers for the charity have been converted to kitchens.

In conclusion, Dao noted that the current challenges have brought some revelations to the people. In his words, the people are getting hope "in a God who was steady the same yesterday, today and forever.’’ This gives him joy as they are part of those who brought hope to the communities.

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