CBN News Correspondent Paul Strand Retires after 35 Years of Fulfilling God’s Call


On Monday, May 17, the Senior Washington Correspondent of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) News, Paul Strand, retired after 35 years of active service in the ministry. He said that his work at CBN was what the Lord informed him that he would do and he felt blessed to fulfill the Lord’s call. Besides, he cannot think of a better method to live his life as he served faithfully in his 35 years work with the organisation.

Strand recalled that at age 17, he got the vision to work at CBN although the company was not established as at that time However, he prepared himself diligently for the day God would make His plans materialize. For 13 good years, Strand prepared himself – training, working at two local TV stations – for the awaited day.

Consequently, ten years after Strand heard from the Lord, CBN was established. Three years after its establishment, Strand’s phone rang and it was a guy from the organisation who reached out to him. 

While recounting how he started working at the organisation, Strand affirmed that he didn’t have to apply to the station, the station came to him. He did not only get the career of his choice at CBN News, he also got his spouse there.

"When I met Susan Burns, first date, it was like I can't live without this person, this is the one! We've been married for 33 years and what's great is to have a wife that worked in CBN herself, she understood the long hours, the many trips we have to do," Strand told CBN News.

In addition, Strand said that to be married to someone who has knowledge of what you are doing, what matters to your heart, and has the same ministry is a glorious thing.

The veteran media personality began as an assignment editor at CBN News. This led to more open doors for him. He called his works 'What God is doing in the earth." In the course of his career, he covered war zones and had amazing testimonies to share. 

He was also known as the biking reporter. However, one occasion, he had an accident with his bike and sustained injuries in the process. He thought that it was an attempt by the devil to knock him out of his work. 

Nevertheless, he said to himself that he must have his best days ahead. Strand was back on his job eight months after the accident. He further sought the Lord’s direction for his coverage of stories, either good or bad.

"We've got this whole different thing in our lives where we know this Savior, we know this Lord and if we can just get him to seep on through those stories it really does change lives. 

‘’People are always thanking us for giving them hope – when it seems that the country is decaying and going downhill, to know that the Lord, if you'll let him have his hand on you, you don't have to worry about the darkness because if you'll just embrace his light, you're going to have a light-filled life," he explained.

On his plans after retirement, Strand told CBN News that he would take ‘’some well-deserved rest while remaining open to going wherever God wants to lead him.’’

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