African Bishops Insist On Their Stand Against Homosexuality


On Friday, May 28, the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of the West Africa nations of Cape Verde, Senegal, Mauritania, Senegal, and Guinea-Bissau reaffirmed their stand against homosexual practice. Breitbart reports that at the press conference in Cap des Biches, the archbishop of Dakar, Benjamin Ndiaye, said that they hold on the positive teaching of God’s creation of man and woman.

He added that they are embracing God’s opinion and they do not have any intention of having another one imposed on them. Either through compulsion or through permission, the archbishop noted that they would not go against their conviction. Hence, they ‘’reject homosexuality and denounce pedophilia’’ which are not in line with their values.

Furthermore, Ndiaye reiterated that the stand of the Church on homosexuality is centered on divine revelation. He insisted that the reason God created humans is so that they would be ‘’fruitful and multiply’’ and the bishops do not have any intention to deviate from it. 

The archbishop said the Church would not bow to any attempt to compel Christians into accepting homosexual practice. Besides, this does not necessarily mean any intimidating methods by the state.

“We do not intend to have anyone dictate to us another orientation, because we have this orientation from revelation. The fact that God created man and woman for his own purpose is so that man can, in union with woman can give birth to children,” Ndiaye said.

While speaking on homosexuality as a criminal offense, the archbishop said that the Church will not like to stand as a judge of the people.  They want to avoid that part. He added that they are not God’s tribunal who can say who warrants to be condemned in hell or not. It’s not their responsibility.

Aside discussing the issue of homosexuality, the bishops discussed the deteriorating rate of good citizenship. They also urged the development of a “civic conscience” as well as “respect for the institutions” of their countries.

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