The Buhari I Knew Does Not Reflect Nigeria’s Present Situation - says Bakare


The senior pastor of Citadel Global Church, Tunde Bakare, has spoken about the person of President Muhammadu Buhari and his current leadership style. According to the renowned cleric, the state of the country does not reflect what he previously knows about the retired military leader.

Bakare made his opinion known in a statement titled ‘The Conspicuous Handwriting on the Wall,’ which was made available to The Punch. He remembered how he was asked to be the vice president to Buhari in the 2011 presidential elections. 

Although he initially disagreed to join the train, he later succumbed with the promise that their administration would seek for a better Nigeria. Also, there must be a guarantee of safety for lives and properties.

Besides, Bakare remembered the speech Buhari delivered at a press conference on April 13, 2011. In his words, Buhari stated he had the intentions of running for presidency due to the love he has for his nation and the people. The clergy added that he was among those persons who persuaded Buhari not to give up his desire to lead the country.

He admitted that God showed him in a vision that Buhari has a part to play in bringing normalcy to Nigeria. This made him to organize a meeting in the United Kingdom to further steer the zeal of the one who is now the president of Nigeria.

Consequently, Buhari was informed by Bakare that he shares the same success with him. Hence, if he (Buhari) succeeds, then he (Bakare) succeeds and they share the same failure too. However, his intention is that he succeeds.

In these trying times in the country, Bakare felt the need to speak up because the current state of the nation does not reflect the Buhari he knew some years back. He also acknowledged the message Buhari sent to him on his 65th birthday on October 14, 2019. 

In the message, the number one citizen of the country hoped that ideas he and Bakare had for the country ‘’germinate fully, proliferate, and give us the country of our dreams.’’ The cleric affirmed that the aim of his address is to look into the present state of the nation; likewise, to seek ways to overcome the challenges in this critical point in the leadership of President Buhari.

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