Easter: CAN implores Nigerians to embrace the life of Christ


The Kogi state chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, Bishop John Ibuenu, has implored Nigerians to embrace the sacrificial life of Christ to sustain the peaceful habitation in the country. He made this statement on Sunday in an interview with the News Agency Nigeria (NAN).

The cleric also spoke about the essence of Easter which is love, sacrifice, forgiveness, and eternal life which are the major aim of Christ’s mission on earth. He further implored Christians to learn to be steadfast and be more focused on their faith, pray for one another, the state, country, and the world in general. 

Likewise, he implored the leaders in the nation to be committed to their works and do all that is expected of them in humility. He also asked the people work together for the common good of all.

He took a bible quote from John 3; 16 which say: ”For God so loved the world and He gave His only begotten son; that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” 

According to Ibuenu, Nigerians should love their neighbors regardless of their differences. More so, they should desire ways the lives of others can be improved.

”Christians, Muslims, pagans, let us embrace the life of sacrifice in our offices, homes and markets to make the life of everyone around us better. We must not attach sentiments to security issues. Anybody who sheds blood; destroys property, causes mayhem in our nation is an enemy of Nigeria and an enemy of God.

“Let us pray for the success of our military and other security agencies, and partner them to give useful information that will help them to curb insecurity in the country.

”Peace be upon our nation Nigeria,” he concluded.

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