California's Rock Church set to reopen for the first time since COVID-19 lockdown


The restrictions imposed on churches in California during the lockdown have caused some disputes between the church and the government authorities. However, Rock Church created another dimension in worship as they took their ministry beyond the church building.

Leader of the church’s Point Loma campus, Pastor Travis Gibson, stated that Rock Church have been vibrant and dynamic in their operations. They are not just focused on Sunday services alone. 

So far, the church repaired over 300, 095 expired N95 masks and delivered to those who needed it. Also, they have a prison ministry and they reach out to people in parks. Families in need have gotten clothing and other materials too. 

Christian Post reported that the church have always adopted other merhods things can be done if they encounter challenges. Resources are also poured into these alternatives and there is an incredible response from the community.

Gibson noted that there has been an increase in the number of participants from the community in the church. Likewise, donations began for the first time. Amazingly, there was also an increase in the number of persons that participate in online worship.

With the tension in the land, the pastor believes people are looking for hope and answers from God. When they thought about reopening the church, the leaders stated that it is a way to honor God, the congregation, and the city.

“Not everybody thinks the same thing about COVID. Not everybody thinks the same thing about masks. Not everybody voted the same way. There are both Republican Christians and Democrat Christians, and they have differing viewpoints and we understand that. We saw it as an opportunity to consider all the different opinions, experiences, and expressions of diversity," he said.

In response to the restrictions from the government, Pastor Gibson said nobody had said that they should not worship God. 

“So for us, it wasn't as much fighting for the method of doing church again. We were focused on, ‘How can we ensure that we both worship our God and honor our congregation and city?’ Our mission has always been the same, but our method of how we did church changed.”

This Sunday, the church will resume physical services at 100 % capacity at four Rock Church locations — Point Loma, City Heights, San Marcos and East County campuses. This will be the first time the church will be opening since the pandemic. 

The church has planned the safety measures to be obeyed since eight weeks before. Also, volunteers went through five weeks training to ensure that reopening is safe for all. 

The safety measures to be adopted include wearing face masks before entering the church and maintaining social distancing. Likewise, the temperature of every member will be checked as they enter the church.

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