Paula White’s City of Destiny Church Get Food Boxes From Ivanka Trump For Families in Need

The daughter of former U.S. President Donald Trump, Ivanka, has collaborated with Pastor Paula White to share food boxes at White's City of Destiny Church in Apopka, Florida. 

During her father’s tenure, she served as one of his senior advisors. Likewise, she assisted with the Farmers to Families Food Box program. While acknowledging the efforts of Ivanka Trump, Pastor Paula White made a post on Instagram. She said;

“It was so great to have @ivankatrump @cityservehq and so many Pastors and great volunteers making a difference in the most vulnerable areas. We did home visits, church distribution, met with human trafficking survivors and touched thousands of lives!”

CBN News reported that the team delivered about 1,300 food boxes at the church and to homes.  The Lifeboat Project, a sex-trafficking victims shelter, was also a beneficiary. The Lifeboat Project put out a Facebook post to this effect.

"Human Trafficking is a crime against humanity and that alone stands above politics. Today was a beautiful day to put politics aside at The Lifeboat Project and let faith and truth be our topic of connection."

In April 2020, the Farmers to Families Food Box program started and its aim is to give out food to families in need directly from farmers. 

Since the program was established, about 144,870,000 boxes of fresh food have been delivered by USDA contractors to Americans. Former Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle lauded this project on her Twittter page.

"The farmers to families food box is an amazing program that must be continued! @IvankaTrump created this beautiful initiative to support farmers and families struggling because of COVID-19.’’

It is paramount to note that since Donald Trump left office, the food distribution will be the first public appearance by Ivanka Trump. The food boxes initiative is among the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program and about $6 billion has been set out to purchase food to Americans in the country.

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