Church of England may impose black, minority ethnic quota for clergy


There are reports that black and minority ethnic quota may be imposed on clergy by the Church of England. They will also go through anti-racism training. The Archbishops’ Council may likely get a copy of the report this week from the anti-racism task force of the Church of England. The report was initiated after Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, expressed regret over the past racist behaviors of the denomination last year.

According to The British magazine, the document is set to be released to the public on April 22 and the title is, “From Lament to Action: Report of the Archbishops’ Anti-Racism Taskforce.”

The report suggests a quota for black and minority ethnic clergy. It also requested for refurbishment of education in schools governed by the denomination and handling controversial statues and monuments.

Last year, the task force was established after Welby demanded that statues and memorials in cathedrals and churches associated with the slave trade should be taken down. This call became necessary during the Black Lives Matter protests in the United States after the death of George Floyd. 

According to the task force, at least one UK minority ethnic clergy should be elected from each region. Also, all shortlists for clergy recruitment should include "at least one appointable UK minority ethnic candidate."

Also, the report instructed that an online module for anti-racist learning program should be devised by the denomination. Schools are equally encouraged to celebrate Black History Month. Primary and secondary schools associated with the church are to initiate a wide curriculum which promotes racial justice specially.

A proposed Racial Justice Unit will fund and oversee the reforms which have been fixed for a five year period. The draft document will ensure that church officials take actions that address the involvement of the church in the transatlantic slave trade. 

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