Trump appreciates ‘God-and-Country loving citizens’ after 2nd impeachment acquittal

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has appreciated the millions of law-abiding, decent, hardworking, and God-and-Country loving citizens on Saturday, February 13, after his acquittal by the U.S. Senate in his second impeachment trial. He also fired back at the Democratic Party for itch hunting him.

Trump got a vote to acquit him from forty-three Republican senators. Meanwhile, he got a vote of conviction from 57 senators, 7 of which were Republicans. With these, his case did not meet the two-third majority needed in constitution to convict him.

On January 6, Trump was blamed for triggering the riot at the U.S. Capitol. On that day, the electoral votes which were meant validate the 2020 presidential election results were counted by the then-Vice President Mike Pence and the Congress.

Furthermore, Trump appreciated the members of Congress who were proudly standing for the Constitution they all respect and the legal principles which are dear to the country.

Also, he claimed that his case is an example of a witch hunt and he is the only president in the history of the country who has gone through this phase. Trump affirmed that America still stands as one glorious nation under God and it is the duty of the citizens to maintain this inheritance of high magnitude for future generations to come in the country.

"May God bless all of you, and may God forever bless the United States of America," he concluded.

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