Preacher Voddie Baucham Now Receiving Treatment for Heart Failure

Recently, Christian preacher Voddie Baucham recounted the series of challenging moments he has faced with his life at stake. However, he has been able to persevere and overcome the hurdles because of God's mercy. Baucham is the dean of theology at African Christian University, Zambia. It will be recalled that last week, the preacher announced that he was down with heart failure. Hence, he had to hurriedly go back to the United States for treatment.

In the process of his travels to Mayo Clinic, he encountered multiple delays. He also had a series of challenges which ranged from cancelled flights to extreme weather conditions. Sadly, he also lost his luggage. All these happened while he was fixed to a heart monitor.

Baucham wrote on Instagram, "I was in the final stages of a catastrophic event, and within an hour or so of death. ’’

He added that the goodness of the Lord has a perfect timing and it cannot be disputed. In addition, he spoke about his health and affirmed that the top doctors in the world in the field of heart failure are giving him appropriate care. His condition is now better as the method adopted to treat him is concise and well planned out. On his missing luggage, Baucham said;

"Even in the 'little' things...Like finally getting our bags! Especially when we realize that, if we had waited and taken the same journey our bags did (our original itinerary), we would not have made it to Mayo in time," he said.

Last year, when Baucham was feeling sick, he thought that the feeling was because he had overworked himself. Afterwards, he realized that the feeling was more than just tiredness. There was more to it.

"I had first noticed the symptoms at the end of December when Bridget and I returned to Dallas to bury her mother. I experienced fatigue, and shortness of breath, among other things. However, I chalked it up to traveling with heavy bags and restrictive masks (not the trifecta of heart defect, last February's mysterious 'pneumonia,' and untreated sleep apnea)," Baucham recalled.

After a series of tests, the result showed that he was going through a worse health situation. He is now being treated and he is equally responding to treatment. Baucham says he is grateful for God's grace for his journey so far.

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