New Music + Video: Lacey Sturm Releases New Single Titled ‘State of Me’

On February 12, 2021, Lacey Sturm released her second single from her much anticipated forthcoming album. The song which is titled ‘State of Me’ reveals what many persons are going through. While some persons are in a state of despair, others are going through depression.

Lacey recalled that ‘State of Me’ came to life because of the challenges she was facing at that time. She became suicidal also in the same period she lost her friend. According to Stacey, making a decision to live should be the priority of people. At times, one has to be violent about it because of the numerous problems that come with holding on to life.

With Lacey’s outstanding work in 2016, Life Streams, she topped the Hard Rock Albums chart. With this record, she became the first female solo artist to achieve this feat. Her next work is expected to be released this summer.

Lacey is a Grammy-nominated and platinum-selling artiste. On this new work, she featured Skillet’s John and Korey Cooper. This song was recorded and produced by Josh Sturm who happens to be her husband.


Lacey tried to encourage people with her latest release. She affirmed that when we experience loss, we should not see it as the end of the world. Let us look beyond the loss that we face and look up to what is ahead of us. The most important thing is faith and love. Also, we should set our eyes on things that are above. 

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