Muslim woman attacks local missionary online; converts to Christianity afterwards

In a bid to pass time on Facebook, a Muslim woman in the Middle East watched a video about Christianity. She became agitated upon hearing that Jesus is God, as said by the preacher. Consequently, she resorted to unruly replies. Rodja* sent messages to the preacher who is a native missionary. In her words, Jesus of Nazareth was only a prophet.

Besides, she asked for a New Testament Bible with a fake name so that she would make reference to some passages to show that the preacher was making a wrong statement. However, she had a change of perception after reading the New Testament. She became afraid when her husband observed that she was reading the Bible. To her surprise, he did not hurt her. Rather, he informed her that he had fellowshipped at a church because of inquisitiveness when he visited another city.

Rodja’s husband further told her that there is a church in their city. He opined that they attend their services. This made Rodja to open another Facebook account and got in touch with that local preacher who was equally a former Muslim. She asked him some questions about his faith. She got the responses that she needed. She tried to convert her husband to Christianity by introducing him to the teachings of the preacher. They later sent the preacher some messages about their love for his faith and how they would like to convert and grow in that path.

In his response, the local missionary shared how the former Muslim faithful wanted to know more about Jesus. After listening to a series of messages, they become confident about Christianity although they were scared to attend church services because of the threats they faced. With constant prayers, there were expectations that their faith will be built.

Rojda informed her younger brother about Christ and he equally converted. The local missionary stated that attending church services frequently was not possible due to COVID-19. He also added that the conversion of the three Muslims to Christianity is a plus to the body of Christ. It shows the wonders of God’s power in every situation.

Furthermore, he stated his observations on people who convert to Christianity from that region. He affirmed that many of them are refugees. Also, there are assumptions that the refugees become Christians because of the assistance they usually receive from them. Nevertheless, this case shows that there is a genuine conversion and a personal zeal to receive Jesus Christ.

*Name changed for security reasons

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