Islamic Terrorists Attack Community in DR Congo; 16 Killed, Church Burned

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Islamic terrorists have hit a village and a Catholic church was affected. 16 persons were murdered – 3 soldiers and 13 civilians, and a church was razed on February 14.

Reuters reported that the terrorists entered Ndalya village which is situated at about 60 miles down the city of Bunia. In a bid to repel the terrorists, the military men engaged them in a gun battle. The spokesman of the DRC army, Jules Ngongo Tshikudi, said that three soldiers died when the army tried to repel the terrorists.

Although the suspects were not immediately identified, Tshikudi said that the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) might have a hand in the attack. ADF is an armed group from Uganda, a neighboring country to DRC, which have been active in the eastern part of Congo from the 1900s. However, the Islamic State has stated in the past that they were responsible for some attacks by the ADF.

Nevertheless, UN officials have not confirmed any relationship between the two terrorist organizations. According to Reuters, the borderlands in eastern Congo which it shares with Burundi, Uganda, and Rwanda hare more than 100 various militias occupying them. Many of these militias are what were left of its vicious civil wars which came to an end officially in 2003.

One of the spokesperson for Open Doors USA, Illia Djadi, said that Christians in the country are being aimed at. The reason is that the communities that are being attacked are majorly Christian dominated areas. Djadi also added that it is necessary to give attention to these incidents because of the recent attacks. The murdering of innocent civilians on a regular basis is a tragedy that has not gotten enough coverage.

The 2021 Open Doors World Watch List for Christian persecution places DR Congo at number 40. This is a result of the increase in the number of Islamic attack although the country’s population is dominated by Christians.

Earlier in the month, there were reports by CBN News on the attack by Islamic terrorists in DR Congo. In the process, innocent people, including children are murdered almost daily. In January, more than 100 persons were killed and most of them were said to be Christians.

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