Indian Couple Banished From Village for Refusing to Renounce Their Christian Faith

An Indian couple who recently converted to Christianity has been bullied and thereafter, sent on exile from their village for declining to relinquish their faith. According to the International Christian Concern (ICC), Jaga Padiami and his wife converted last December. This was after they had a meeting with some Christians who were spreading the Gospel.

However, last January, the couple was summoned to a meeting with the chief of Kambawada village, Koya Samaj, who demanded that they renounce their newfound faith. The couple refused.

The residents in the village started to humiliate Padiami and his wife after the meeting. In addition, the chief gave them five days to reject their faith or be banished. Despite the harassment, Padiami said that his faith will not be shaken. Also, he affirmed that if he is driven out of the village, it will not still make him to leave Jesus Christ.

These statements by Padiami made the local villagers angry. They stormed his home and made a mess of it. His properties were thrown out into the street and their home was locked. The couple had no other choice but to leave the village. Padiami also recounted how the villagers threatened to kill him and his wife if they returned without renouncing their new found faith.

It was reported that the villagers filed a complaint with the Malkangiri police. However, the matter is yet to be resolved. Currently, Padiami and his wife are residing in another village outside of Kambawada.

On Open Doors’ 2020 World Watch List of the countries where Christians find it difficult to practice, India is on number 10.

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