Tim Tebow Releases Faith-based Children's Book

Professional baseball player, Tim Tebow, has delved into writing children's book. He said that he made this decision due to his aspiration to talk about Christ with children. Tebow may be known for his athletic prowess, however, he wants to make it known that he has a sincere desire for all people to get in touch with their purpose on earth. More so, he has this particular desire for children. 

The title of the children's book is Bronco and Friends. It focuses on Tebow's dog, Bronco. Bronco's major aim throughout the story is to direct kids to their purpose in life. Likewise, the story pushes children to get accustomed to their uniqueness and handle it appropriately. This uniqueness may become obvious as distinctive matters that kids deal with or special needs that they may possess. 

Personally, Tebow is dedicated to empowering children with special needs to get used to the community properly. Also, he recalled some memories as a child. It was during this period that he got to learn the lessons he is now effecting as an adult. In his words:

"Every night my mother would read to me stories that would inspire me to live for God."

According to the author, this is the same feeling he wants the children to experience when they read Bronco and Friends. It is also his desire that they learn from it.

Tebow's passion for special needs children has come a long way. Annually, he organizes a program with the theme, 'A Night to Shine’. During this program, young people with special needs prepare for a night of fellowship and fun. He also spoke about this years event and the challenges they had to deal with.

"This year's 'A Night to Shine' encountered new challenges due to COVID-19, but we knew that we couldn't cancel the event," Tebow said.

The 33 year-old author also stated that this year's 'A Night to Shine' was planned to cover the COVID-19 restrictions. He also made mention of his relationship with God in the pandemic. Watching people grow has been a source of inspiration for him.

"COVID didn't take God by surprise. Ive learned that people have huge hearts to help people in need, with big and small needs. People, in so many ways, have stepped up and allowed God to use them and their gifts," he said.

Furthermore, he affirmed that being faithful to God is what we can do. Hence, everyone should (be faithful) regardless of the period that they are in.

"We can and should be faithful to God and live out the purpose that He has designed. I'm grateful that God allows me to be on His team, not because of me but because of Him," the former NFL Quarterback shared.

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