SEU Worship set to release ‘Clouds Are Clearing: Mixtape 1B’ on Feb. 19th

Provident Label Group/Essential Worship’s SEU Worship is set to release the second part of their mix tape work – Clouds Are Clearing 1B. It will be released on February 19th. The first part of the mix tape – Clouds Are Clearing: Mixtape 1A. was released last November. The debut album of SEU, A Thousand Generation, along with the Mixtape 1A has gathered about 15 million streams globally so far.

The group has the motive of making pop music into their worship services. In the same manner, they are taking worship into the world of pop music. It is a blending of the future and tradition with pop elements. These are the ideas that make the group unique.

SEU Worship’s Dan Rivera stated that the mix tape of the group is mainly the creative prowess of their usual rhythm of writing and creativity. More so, the group takes its time to team up with writers and producers twice or thrice yearly.

‘’After the past two years of releases, we looked back at our folder of unused songs and were surprised by the upbeat collection of songs we had in there. An idea started to surface — what if we released a big mix tape with all of our unfinished songs that didn’t find a home? And it didn’t stop there. What if we asked some of our friends to help us finish them or feature on these songs? That’s how Clouds are Clearing came to be. It was like raw songwriting and music making. It’s been a very special experience,” Rivera affirmed.

Some of the folks they added on the two albums are Limebear, KB, Elle, Hollyn, Marty from Social Club Misfits and Alexander Pappas of Hillsong Young & Free. The group recorded its songs remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and could not do a live album.

“The pandemic has really grown our family dynamic as a community in Lakeland. When the touring slowed down, the tide of relationship and teamwork started rising in our group of students and pastors. The biggest change for our on campus worship services is that we have to limit capacity and offer more worship opportunities.

"We’ve taken advantage of the added services by experimenting with new songs, and making space for newcomers to join the team. As far as songwriting and production goes, it definitely has cause us to get innovative with how we collab with others,” Rivera said.

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