Four important points to note in 2021

We are in a new year. Many persons have written down their resolutions for 2021 already. There are also expectations for a great year after a series of sad events in 2020. It’s the first day of the year and plans are being drafted in preparation for a good year. As we celebrate the entrance into a new year, it is important that we live intentionally. In this article, I shall be outlining four important points to note in 2021.

1. Be intentional about your relationships
The people you mingle with matters a lot. There are some persons you simply need to say hello to and move on. Meanwhile, there are people you know will help you grow and add value to your life. These are the people you should stay focused on. 

While we count our blessings, it is pertinent to note that money is not a major prerequisite for blessing. Being with people who support you and are quick to respond to your ‘’calls’’ is also a blessing. If you want to grow this year, you must be careful not to get yourself entangled with people whose major focus amounts to nothing relevant. Choose your friends wisely.

2. Have a financial plan 
If you do not have a financial plan in the previous year, it is not too late to start one. A plan is not just focused on savings. It is important that you have a plan on how you spend and what you invest your money on. If you are an employee in the corporate world, you can look for areas where you can put in your money with expectations for a regular income. Learn to set your priorities right. 

3. Create time for family, friends, and fun
No matter your desire to achieve financial excellence, it is very important that you take out time to rest. Take care of yourself and look out for your mental health; it is very important. More so, make out time for your family and close friends. No matter how busy you are, creating time for your loved ones is not an option. 

Have fun! When you are done with the week’s work, find time to relax and have fun. It could be with family, friends, or even colleagues. You don’t need a crowd to have fun; just a few of your folks. Also, you do not need to spend too much; however, it is the feeling that matters more.

4. Stay connected to God
In this New Year, do not neglect God in all your activities. For protection, provision, and unending favors, God is still faithful to give them all to you. In the Bible, we are told that those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits. Hence, put God first in everything you do and His words shall speak in your life.

Happy New Year!

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