CAN supports government decision to shut down churches disobeying COVID-19 rules in Oyo

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Oyo state chapter, has stated that it agrees with the plan of the government to close down churches that go against the rules of COVID-19. Last month, the Oyo state government threatened to shut down churches that disobey the safety rules.

The chairman of CAN, Oyo state chapter, Joshua Akinyemiju, has made a statement as regards the government’s decision. He told News Agency of Nigeria that leaders of the church must be proactive in ensuring that their congregation strictly adheres to the directives of the government. In his words;

“The stand of government is that any church that defaults will be closed down, and that’s where we are. The guidelines are clear, simple and we expect that by now everyone should be used to wearing face masks, washing hands, maintaining social distancing among other measures.

“Christians should ensure they remain alive at all costs. Our God is a God of the living and He gave us life free of charge; so if out of disobedience the life is lost, there will be consequence. Church leaders should continue to admonish their members on the need to appreciate God’s love for giving us life by being obedient.”

In addition, Akinyemiju asked the government to carry out more COVID-19 test.

“The fear of the second wave of COVID-19 is the beginning of wisdom, the rate of infection across the country is very alarming. The situation is almost beyond what isolation centers can handle, everyone needs to do everything necessary to stay away from getting infected.”

He also said that the Oyo chapter of CAN supervises its churches to ensure compliance to the stipulated rules.

“Highest standard of personal discipline is expected of any child of God and that’s what it takes to obey the COVID-19 protocol. Oyo CAN has a Compliance Monitoring Committee to ensure that churches adhere to stipulated guidelines for safety.

“We should always remember that face mask is better than ventilator. We shouldn’t disappoint our Creator by engaging in things that will cut our lives short. May God Almighty wipe out this noisome pestilence for us and heal our land in Jesus name.”

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