Angie Adeyi releases second book, "Ten Steps Higher"

Young author and daughter of the president of Flaming Sword Ministries, Evang. Wole Adeyi, has released her second book titled Ten Steps Higher. While announcing the book, Flaming Sword Ministries made this post on Facebook:

‘’Angie Adeyi, author of ‘’I AM ME’’ debuts her second book, ‘’Ten Steps Higher’’, with the riveting details on the twists and turns of the life of a high school teenager who is purposed to bloom her own way and chart an unfamiliar future. This book gives clarity and insight into the challenges and aspirations of tomorrow’s leaders- today.’’
About The Book:

Realistic, fanatical, amusing, and tragic, ‘’Ten Steps Higher’’ reflects the contemporary adolescence of a high school girl, Alexis McDaniels, as she weaves through the burdensome ‘swim or sink’ life she’s forced to live.

Alexis may not be the coolest girl in her high school, but she has a biting wit, spot-on courage and way too smart to ignore the wiles of ignorant school bullies. She takes on the high-stakes game of teen-tyranny ten steps higher, and in the process fashions unexpected relationships in the most unlikely circles.

Inventing who and what she will be, Alexis builds the dream team, and out of it discovers she’s so much more. She finally finds the life she so deeply sought, only to face a tragedy that leaves her gasping for breath and questioning her life.

Beautifully written, ‘’Ten Steps Higher’’ nimbly blends sharp with unapologetic emotion and is sure to resonate.

About the book, "I Am Me"
Being the other kid is way too much hard work… Lena is different from everyone else because of the way she looks, live, talk, and feel. With three nonchalant elder brothers, two constantly fighting parents who rather beat her silly than help with anything, ‘’the group’’ bullies at school who live to taunt her, and Zoe, a friend she isn’t so sure about. Her life is neither fun at home nor school.

Then an extreme assignment is forced on Lena. She must deliver, but how can a poor girl living off the trash of the wealthy and written off as ‘’brainless’’ take on this extreme assignment? Lena finds a way, and in the midst of it all, she gains much more than a friend. Then Miracle Miller arrives on the scene…’

Angie is popularly known for her role as Diwura in Abejoye, a movie produced by Mount Zion Faith Ministries and Flaming Sword Ministries. Ten Steps Higher and I Am Me which was released two years ago, is available on and be ordered by calling 1-6825516497 or 1-6825516498. 

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